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オフライン/オンラインの動画、平面デザイン、各言語のコピーライティングから広告キャンペーンやブランディングまで、各種案件のストラテジープランニングからクリエイティブ企画・ディレクションまで幅広く担当しています。TOEIC 860点、HSK5級を有し、日本語/英語/中国語の各言語のマルチな業務にも対応。

This blog is managed by the Japanese creator, called TAMADA EyeScream, who is mainly based in Japan, Greater China and ASEAN across borders internationally. Together with a consulting-expert partner from Shanghai, we deal with a wide variety of international projects from consulting to advertising.

For the various projects from online/offline movies, graphic design, copy writing in multiple languages to advertising campaign and branding, I am widely in charge of strategy planning to creative planning and direction. With TOEIC 860 points and HSK level 5 language ability, I am capable of multilingual projects in Japanese, English and Chinese.

这博客的设计者叫 “玉田冰淇淋” TAMADA EyeScream, 日本人创造者,主要工作在日本、大中华区和东南亚。和上海人咨询经理一起,我们做好多种项目,从咨询到广告相关的。

从线上/线下视频、平面设计、各种语言文案、广告活动到品牌推广,进行策略规划和创意规划&指导。拥有TOEIC 860分和HSK五级,能执行多语言项目,用日语、英语和汉语。